It´s not glue, not tape, not magnet…
It´s Gripp-O!

Gripp-O is probably the most awesome material when you want to
stick something, remove it without leaving any marks and reuse it…
Over and over again!


Gripp-O is the result of many years of research and development. The purpose was to create a material with very strong adhesion but which could be removed without leaving any marks, and that could even be reused over and over again. We succeeded.

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Gripp-O is a rubbery material with a self-adhesive surface. It attaches very strongly to almost any hard surface, even uneven ones, because of how flexible and pliable it is. Gripp-O has undergone independent tensile strength testing at the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE), including comprehensive chemical testing.

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To experience how amazing this material is, please order a sample! Standard Gripp-O is black and two millimeters thick, but it’s also available in different sizes and colors.

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