Gripp-O is a black, 2 mm-thick, rubbery material with a self-adhesive surface. Gripp-O attaches very strongly to almost any hard surface, even uneven ones, because of how flexible and pliable it is. It’s perfect for exposed wood surfaces, glass, tiles, metal, plastic, porcelain and marble, for example. If Gripp-O loses adhesiveness due to dirt or dust, just rinse it in water and let it dry to bring its adhesiveness back to full strength.

Gripp-O attaches less well to materials like fabric, paper, rubber, untreated wood, etc. The material is not suitable for outdoor use, but it works well in very hot and cold indoor environments.

Gripp-O is a form of polyurethane, a large, versatile group of materials. Polyurethane is used in clothes, carpets, seals, furniture, glue, car parts and soundproofing. Polyurethanes have many outstanding properties. Among other things, they are pliable, dampening, durable, chemical-resistant and capable of very strong adhesion.


The material has been independently tested at the Research Institute of Sweden RISE. The tensile strength of Gripp-O has been tested with uneven laminate floors and the test results have shown forces as high as 1.92kg / cm2 with an average of 1.35kg / cm2.

Performance and results:

Adhesion was tensile tested vertically. The upper hook was jointed to avoid oblique loading. The draw speed was 10 mm / minute, which resulted in a break within 1 – 3 seconds, calculated from a load of 5 N. Maximum force was recorded. Calculation to kg was made with a gravity acceleration of 9.81 m / s2. The diameter of 70 mm was used for area calculations.


Gripp-O has also undergone chemical testing to ensure that it contains no significant levels of hazardous substances. The tests show that none of the detected compounds occur at levels that are in violation of the limits set by REACH.